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Random Indie Picks From The Wisdom Of The Crowd

judicious cropping for the middle game there

It’s a slow news day, presuming at least that you’re leaving consumer rights-championing Sim City coverage to a colleague, so I did the only sensible thing and took an extra-long shower. Inevitably, I missed three phone calls – the only phone calls I’d received all week, of course – during that time. Then I made a cup of tea and ate a bag of Smokey Bacon crisps before finally taking to Twitter to tell people to tell me what to write about. The first three games mentioned would make it into a post: this was my solemn vow. That took about two seconds, but people continue to reply even though I’ve explicitly told them not to. Oh, Twitter. Anyway, my fate is sealed. Those first three games are…
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Hell Is Other People, But Also Yourself: suteF

And now, a story of betrayal, perseverance, a fetus, and a bear that is a computer and who goes by the name of Computer Bear. suteF by indie developer Rotten Tater is the most admirably messed-up game I’ve played in ages. It’s also an inventive, clever and strikingly competent puzzle game. You want to play this. I’ve amassed a thought-cache after the jump.
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