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The Flare Path: Maxims To Live By

Call of Duty XIV walkthrough, Mission 6, “Heer of the Dog”. This mission starts in a bottle-strewn pillbox near the Belorussia-Poland border. It’s the morning of 22nd June 1941. You’ve been woken by the wail of Stuka sirens and the crump of artillery. Waves of German infantry are approaching from the west. To have any chance of stopping them you must quickly turn the 190 components spread out on the tarpaulin next to your bunk into a fully functioning Maxim machine gun. If you’re playing on Veteran difficulty you’ve got approximately four minutes before the stick grenades start tumbling through your loophole. Begin by inserting gasket #185 into water jacket cover #179. Then slide pin #61a into… Read the rest of this entry »