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Half-Life Free: Sven Co-op Reborn

To get the full effect, start whacking a crowbar on an anvil. Dat noise.
People of a certain age (oh, alright: old people) will remember Sven Coo-op. It was probably the first action co-op game I played, back when my monitor had a degauss button. I degaussed the hell out of that boxy beauty. It brought co-op to Half-Life and its various mods. It was party co-op, though. Piles of players, bizarre maps, everyone having a good time. Well [record scratch] that good time is now OVER. The mod is now no more, shutting down after 14 year of development. Version 4.8 adds Blue Shift compatibility, but it’ll be the last mod version. [pause for sad news to take effect] Come back here! It’s not going away: Sven Co-op will be reborn as a free, standalone game on Steam, allowing everyone to play Valve’s ancient single-player classic with friends, even if they don’t own it.
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