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Fatal Call Of Duty swatting co-conspirator lands 15 months behind bars

In December 2017, a scuffle over a $1.50 (£1.15) bet on a Call of Duty: WWII match ended in a man's death. As Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill's little dispute came to a head, Viner recruited veteran swatter Tyler Bariss to swat Gaskill - who had conveniently provided his own address to do so. Gaskill, of course, sent an old address. When police came to…

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Court gives 20 years in prison for swatting death spark by CoD match

A Kansas court has sentenced a man to 20 years in prison on charges related to swatting, including one incident which started with a $1.50 (£1.15) bet on a Call Of Duty: WWII match and ended with the police shooting an innocent person dead. Swatting is the not-very-funny prank of phoning emergency services with fake threats so cops bust into the prankee's house, typically when…

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Seattle police launch anti-swatting registration

Police in Seattle have launched a scheme to help counteract 'swatting', the ha-ha-horrifying prank of hoaxing a violent police report against folks like streamers so the cops come kick their door in - with potentially deadly consequences. The Internet is a terrible hell. Now the Seattle Police Department will let local people who feel themselves at risk of swatting register that concern, so the possibility…

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