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Feature: Getting sloshed

The Joy Of swimming in Assassin’s Creed Origins

My three year old rates games based on whether the character goes into water, and if they do, do they swim underneath. My personal rating systems are a little more nuanced, but it turns out that Assassin's Creed Origins' swimming is so astoundingly atmospheric I'm willing to forgive it a dozen other foibles. In all of gaming, water has never felt wetter.

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Feature: Between The Game Of Life

Wot Games Did RPS Play Over Its Holidays?

It's a pleasant fantasy to think that holidays mean long weeks of playing games, but in reality there's trains and planes to be boarded, family to be visited, lives to be unavoidably lived. Gaming during holidays is therefore similar to gaming at any other time, about stealing moments to sneak away to a quiet corner and catch up on backlogs or curl up with comforts.…

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Feature: You suck at water

Longing For Walking Simulators Wot You Do Swimming In

I've taken to swimming in a pond. I can only see a few inches into the silty water, but I know it's deeper than I can dive. It is quite cold, and I've learned to exhale when plunging in so air contracting in my lungs doesn't shock me. I tread water to let the cold sink in before I slowly kick away. I swim front…

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Feature: IT IS COLD

Swimming And Quitting

Hallo chums! I went swimming in a pond again this weekend -- twice, even. Saturday's swim was in the pouring rain, just me and three dozen ducks bobbing about. The water was a pleasant 16.7° C. Quietly stalking a mandarin duck, I decided to commit to making the traditional Christmas morning swim. A lot of conditioning and a little stiff upper lip and it'll be…

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