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Feature: Spring forward, fall back

Seasons After Fall review

Seasons After Fall [official site] is Swing Swing Submarine's addition to the slowly-expanding subgenre of platformers which feature foxes and charming artwork. Here you play as a spirit controlling a fox as you attempt to harness the power of the seasons at the bidding of a mysterious character. The main point of difference between Seasons After Fall and other pretty platformers is that you get…

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Seasons After Fall Has Arrived With Cute Animals

We covered Seasons After Fall [official site] quite some time ago, but in case you missed out, it's a pretty little platformer where you guide a fox on a spiritual journey through the seasons, and it came out on Friday. The fox has the power to manipulate the seasons, and you'll need to use that ability to, say, grow trees or freeze waterfalls. Your ever-changing…

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Seasons After Fall’s Chaotic Calendar

Seasons After Fall is puzzle platformer game where you play as a little fox. No, not that one - you're thinking of Never Alone. That was an Arctic fox. This is a regular fox. Well, a regular possessed fox who can change the seasons at will. That's the game's main conceit. The seasons have gone haywire and you, a spirit, must get them back in…

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