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Symposium Prt 2: Review Policy, Practice, Ethics

The answer is yes. You really do.
It’s been a while since the first part of this, but the talking heads have talked their heads enough for a second part. Shawn Elliot’s lobbed it up yesterday, and I’m mirroring it here. I stress again – this is both classic TL;DR and total games journalist shop talk. If that’s not your thing, probably best click on something else. However, if you want to hear games journalists yabber about review ethics…
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Symposium Part One: Review Scores

I’ve mentioned the Symposium I’m involved with before, in the Sunday Papers. It’s a multi-week exercise where a number of experienced writers from multiple fields are debating games journalism. It is about as meta and games-journalism-journalism as it can get. Shawn Elliot has posted the first part and I’m cross-posting it here, partially as an experiment. I stress, the following is about as shop talk as anything you’d have read about games journalism. It’s also very long. I’d only read it if you are deeply interested in the concept of games criticism and reviewing. And with that proviso, I hand over to Shawn…
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