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Me So Unicorny: Diablo 3 T-shirt Splenditude

I want to say something about Virgins and Unicorns, but... no.

Oh, this is just lovely. We saw on Offworld that following on from the Diablo III: The Rainbow Islands furore last year, the Blizzard chaps are snickering behind the hand. With doctored screens and their own internal T-shirts (Grab via MTV). Which is the design at the top. But, most relevantly, you can now order for your very-ownsome via Nerdy-Ts.

As a note to developers, I’d be all over a Rainbow Islands Versus Diablo game. Just for the record.

EDIT: Just in comments thread, there’s a 20% off code – “NerdyFriend2009” – which works until Monday.

RPS Tees: The Perfect Christmas Gift, For Yourself

Imagine if there were some way to tell the world that you regularly visit Rock, Paper, Shotgun, other than by shouting at people on the internet. A way to announce that, were it possible, you would gladly donate all your organs and blood to the proud, tired men who write this site. Unfortunately The RPS Blood-Eater 3000 is still in the design stages, but to make the wait a little easier, we do at last have some official t-shirts. Yes! Cloth and websites, together in close harmony.
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T-Shirt Compo: Winnahs

As you may recall, a while back, we ran a competition to win some natty t-shirts. The challenge was to design a possible RPS shirt, and the deadline was ooh, ages ago. Here, then, are the five winners, each of equal standing. We had a fair whack of entries, the vast majority of which involved a graphical take on rocks, paper, and shotguns – so, if you also sent in one like that, you can tell yourself you won, but the prize got lost in the Sarlaac pit or something.

Here’s Matt Breit’s super-clean take on our logo:

More winners beneath the cut.
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Compo: Splendid-o-shirts

and lunchtime is for wimps

Seeing as folk are ruminating upon the possibility of RPS t-shirts over in this thread, now seems an opportune moment to drop in another competition, and one that may expedite devising our own merchandise. We’ve got four gamer/geek t-shirts from marvellous torso-cladding specialists to give away to four lucky RPS readers, or possibly to one lucky RPS reader who can convincingly prove he has four entirely separate personalities.

Splitreason have an impressive repository of t-shirts that tick pretty much all of the discerning pop-culturite’s robot/zombie/WoW/WCC/noob-baiting boxes. At the top of this post and beneath the cut are a few suggestions as to your chosen prize, but have a gander at the site to see the other stuff on offer, both PC-relevant and otherwise (they’ve also got hats and hoodies and similar adornments). While we may sidestep Mario gags here, we won’t judge you for having such predilections, honest. Entry challenge follows below.
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