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Table Top Racing: World Tour Rolls Onto PC

If racing games are about simulating real life experiences behind the wheel, then it must be said that few have captured reality in the same way Codemasters’ Micro Machines did. It may not have been the greatest of games when it released back in 1991, but it did recreate a pre-school past time with aplomb (in my young mind, at least): driving miniature plastic cars around hand-crafted makeshift tabletop courses. Take a dash of that and add the frantic projectile-tossing of Mario Kart and you’ve got something that resembles Table Top Racing: World Tour [official site]. It’s out now.

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Table Top Racing: World Tour Zooming To PC

It’s not the kind of tabletop gaming Rab usually writes about, although his inner child would surely appreciate. This is more like tabletop, floortop, walltop, outside-in-the-dirt-top, your-dog-top, your-sleeping-father-top, inappropriate-public-places-top gaming. Table Top here is shorthand, you see.

Table Top Racing: World Tour [official website] is a mix of Micro Machines and Mario Kart, from Wipeout co-creator Nick Burcombe and Playrise Digital. Now we know it’s coming to Windows between April and June, after a few months exclusively on PS4. As if you could restrain toy cars! Those boring adults will never learn.

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