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Going Blank Again

Just in time for Space Week Jason Ford, Mission Designer for Tabula Rasa talks about a Mission in Tabula Rasa. Who’d have thunk it?

Thanks Gametrailers! You’ll be first pick for our high-level raid party.

It’s actually an updated mission in a forthcoming update. It includes AI becoming self-aware and – as everyone knows – that’s rarely a good thing for more carbon-based Self-aware things. If RPS became self aware, you’d be in trouble, mark our words. The video is called Patches to Ashes, after the unlikely name of the AI in question, which brings to mind Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes (Which is very Space week) and Clarence Carter’s Patches (Which isn’t very Space week).

Korean Times claims Tabula Rasa Blanks Out

Well, we like it.

Cho Jin-seo of the Korean Times has started internet grumblings with his latest piece where he reports that Tabula Rasa, “has proven to be a financial disaster”. With information taken from an investor conference call, he claims that it’s only seen 5 million in revenue when TR was believed to cost 100 billion. It also claims that Garriott started the project more than twice, the studio is now to be downsized, while the project leaders, “will keep their position”. However Robert Garriott has been replaced by Chris Chung from his position as head of the organisation and the-not-ex-Lord-British Garriott is, “free from day-to-day operations”. More here.

The article’s already been strongly argued as misleading from NCsoft Sources, noting the reporter in question had previously written reports from conferences he never even attended.
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Tabula Rasa: Hybrids

If RPS were to start a book-club styled games discussion then I think it would be Tabula Rasa that I would first bring to the group as a suggested reading material. It’s a game that I haven’t made my mind up on. I’ve played a few levels and enjoyed it, but my opinion has not had time to settle. I’ve heard various net chums complain that it’s unlike WoW, or that it’s too like WoW, and I read Kieron’s remarkably enthusiastic review. And I want an excuse for some space adventure. I really do. This is a game I need to spend some more time with, perhaps go out to lunch, to see if we can be friends.

I want to get in there before I miss too much of what it has to offer. MMOs have a habit of evolving so that gamers say “oh yeah, patch 1.242342 was fun times…” I’m probably not going to miss much with the latest addition of various coloured humanoids, but I’m sure there’s some other stuff in there too:

Tabula Rasa Recruitment Drive

We’ve ranted that you should give Tabula Rasa a shot when a free trial arrived before. And lo! one has. And we thought we’d mention it as i) we’re a pc gaming blog. That’s what we do, man. ii) it gives another chance to publish this screenshot of a handsome in-game moustache.


It’s only a three day trial, but that’s certainly enough to give you a weekend of Bane-bashing (Which suddenly sounds like a euphemism, but I’m hungover, so bear with me). To get it, you have to be a member of Eurogamer (i.e. Fill in the form which lets you post on their forums) and then click the button on this page. Hurrah!

Seven Levels of Tabula Rasa

What’s the first thing humanity should be sure to protect in the event of alien invasion? Its brightest minds? Its strongest labourers? Its finest art? A lock of Elvis’ hair? Wrong, wrongity wrong. It’s Dell PCs, of course!

Tabula Rasa’s bloody full of them. Everything else is as alien as can be, but high performance Dell XPS gaming systems are everywhere. The implication is that Dell will save humanity. So I suppose I’d better go and buy one. Otherwise aliens will get me. I don’t object to in-game advertising that strongly so long as it’s subtle, but this is out-and-out ridiculous.

Anyway, Tabula Rasa. What follows is fairly stream of consciousness initial thoughts, so if you’re a Tabula Rasa player and read something in it you think is wrong and stupid, go ahead and say so, but please bear in mind I’m basing this solely on what I’ve actually experienced in the game itself over the last four or five hours.

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Tabula Rasa: Not Slated

Must... defeat... beta... impressions.

The lovely chaps over at C&VG have placed my Gamer review of Tabula Rasa on an info-podium for the assembled hordes of the electric internet to gawk at. Join them! In it, I find myself surprised to find myself saying things like…

Open betas are awesome things; you get to play a game for free. Open betas are terrible things; the game you get to play may not be awesome, at least yet. When I played the Tabula Rasa beta, I found myself charmed by some of it, but with a mass of worries. Now it’s released, it’s probably my favourite persistent-world MMO since City of Heroes.

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Tabula Rasa: Good News/Bad News

Good news: I’ve worked out how to dye my armour hot fuschia, so sidestepping ZeroPunctuation’s World Of Khaki Motley.


Bad news: If you walk into a shop in America and buy it, you’re not allowed to play. While you can buy Tabula Rasa, until the release tomorrow only those who threw down money on the preorder pack can play. And you thought the hour or so unlocking occasionally on STEAM was bad. While the “official” release isn’t until tomorrow… well, it doesn’t exactly serve the consumers interest to artificially keep valid codes off working servers when they’ve paid for it. This is unacceptable and has provoked RPS frowning, which we simulate by linking to the google image page for “Frown”.

Tabula Rasa Dated

Sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa will go live on the 19th of October, and the 16th for pre-order people. (What an interesting way to spread the server load). Like John, I was unable to figure out quite what the Tabula Rasa Beta NDA would actually allow us to say, but I’ll have a crack at summing it up here (in a legal way) for those of you who might be interested.

“Zap!” Etc.

You shoot aliens. That might not sound particularly unusual, but the fact is that this is an MMO, like ye Olde World Of Warcraft, with all those levels and stuff, and you still get to shoot all kinds of guns. Sure, there’s some kind of auto-aim nonsense going on, but you really do get to point and blast the evil carapaced ones. There’s loads of aliens to shoot at too, since they arrive from the sky by dropship in seemingly endless waves. You shoot them on a backdrop of war-torn alien worlds, some of which are quite inspiring with their weird fauna and unlikely topographies.

Yes, Tabula Rasa is quite beautiful, but it’s beautiful in the manner of a slightly naive science-fiction paperback cover painting. That’s often charming, but it also betrays a strong whiff of unhealthy nostalgia – this is a game that is supposed to be carving out a new future for MMO gaming. I suspect that this, like Guild Wars, will be newness without being quite new enough. It is going to be a game that some people hook into and others simply cannot process.

What I would say, however, is that it also reminded me strongly (in a positive way) of City Of Heroes. I think this is going to be a game where going off to adventure on alien worlds with a few friends is going to be utterly absorbing. There is some PvP, which is weird, because I didn’t think there was any – so I’ve not seen that at all – in fact I’m going to look for it right now. Anyway, I think it’s mostly going to be about the dynamics of the perfect co-op party, with you all complementing/hindering each other in overcoming your foe, and unfolding a story.

I shall be playing Tabula Rasa from the 16th to make up my fully-fledged critical opinion. I shall no doubt see some of you there.

Tabula Rasa: An Experience

When press types were given our logins for the Tabula Rasa closed beta, it came with a rather peculiar clause. Normally there’d be a line saying, “Say a single thing about this game and we’ll tie you by your balls to a lamppost”. Tabula Rasa leaves things slightly more vague.

By accepting our online NDA, you are also agreeing to the following rules for press:

* The Non-Disclosure Agreement is in effect; while you may talk about your experiences in the game, please do not publish your own screen shots or talk about specific aspects of the game. Since we’re in beta, we are continually fine-tuning the game so something specific you report on may actually be changed before launch…

Definitely not my own screenshot.

So here are my experiences playing Tabula Rasa, in no way violating the NDA:

When I first started playing I was feeling quite sleepy, but not tired enough to think about going to bed early or anything. I had just got over a bit of a chesty cold, and so was still coughing quite a lot. It was getting dark outside, and I wondered where the cat was.

Character created, I went outside to get the cat in. Once he was inside and I’d given him his tea, I sat back down to carry on playing. After a while I felt an itch in my nose, which was swiftly dealt with by a quick scratch. I put on an episode of This American Life to listen to in the background as I played. It was about prison life, and featured an interesting story about a man who was incorrectly charged with murder, and the decades he spent inside.

Having levelled up, the phone rang. It was my friend Jo, and we arranged to meet for coffee that Thursday. Soon after I had a bit of a coughing fit, but it didn’t last long. I thought about getting a coffee, but in the end chose to have a glass of milk instead. After another couple of hours of this, I decided it was bedtime, so logged out of the game.

Keep checking back to RPS for any other exclusive beta experiences.