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SWAT’s This? A Takedown Trailer? Clancy That

CS too?
I think I squeezed enough puns into the that title to take the rest of the day off. Go me! As you can tell, I am suggesting that Takedown: Red Sabre is a tactical shooter. It is. It’s actually a Kickstarter title that squeezed past its goal just over a year ago, pitching a return to the sort of games Tom Clancy of ten years ago would personally code for us. There was a lot of noise made by the developer about the state of games and the particular hole that’s been left in the release schedule that it’s trying to fill: slow-burn games of planning and execution, where a SWAT team will sweep through a ship or an oil rig and deliver precisely planned justice to terrorist foreheads. Have they made that game? We’ll find out soon.
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This Is Hardcore: Takedown Takes Off

Sometimes I like to remind myself that hardcore also means a building material

It was touch and go there for a while – which I like to say because it makes me sound like I’m a hotshot heart surgeon from California, hero to all, lover of many ladies, astonishingly high wage and once-in-a-generation talent – but Takedown, the game formerly known as Crowdsourced Hardocore Tactical Shooter has met its Kickstarter funding goal. It passed the $200k target with hours to spare, wrapping up at $221,833.
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Kickrestarted: Will You Take Up Takedown’s Cause?

Exclusive: Takedown will feature men, and guns. Possibly not in that order.

Let’s face it, there are going to be casualties in this Kickstarter-fought battle for a post-publisher age. The game formerly and rather boringly known as Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter does not want to be one of those. With not too long left on the clock, it’s been relaunched as Takedown, with lead dev Christian Allen (of GRAW fame) admitting that the initial promotion pulled a punch or seven. He writes on Kotaku that, in addition to not being a celebrityface like Tim Fargo or Brian Schafer, “our video was not exciting enough and the quality wasn’t up to the standard it should have been. Lastly, we were too vague about the details of the project, lacked assets to show, and didn’t properly differentiate our concept from other shooters on the market today. Oh, and the name SUCKED.”

That is true. So now it is the bland but far less off-putting Takedown, it’s billed as a ‘squad-based tactical shooter’ and, as you’ll see in the below video, it’s found itself both a sense of humour and a clearer sense of purpose.
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