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Soul Searching: storytelling and survival out at sea

Failbetter's Sunless Sea doesn't fit neatly into a simple genre - it's a trading, storytelling, exploration game with comedy, horror and mystery elements - and Soul Searching [official site] looks like it might have many of those same traits. Described by solo developer Talha Kaya as being "inspired by Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea series and movies like Life of Pi" it has a top-down view,…

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Freeware Garden: Ode To Cactus

I really do love the idea behind the series of ongoing Clone Jams indie developers are holding in order to do something between paying homage and parodying other devs. It's all very honest, very cute and quite frankly heart-warming. It feels a bit like making an awkward joke to a friend that suggests intimacy and care. Love, even. Love definitely shows in the six interesting games…

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Freeware Garden: Collaboration 6

The descriptively named Collaboration 6 is a lovely collection of six mini-games by six different indie game developers who decided to unite and build games around a single theme: Earth's invasion by the alien, unnamable green slime from above.

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