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Talisman Gets Multiplayer At Last, But Not Quite

If I had one complaint about last year's PC adaptation of wonderfully unbalanced boardgame knees-up Talisman, it was a complaint I made at length and repeatedly, like a boring old man whingeing about the escalating price of Fisherman's Friends. An inherently multiplayer game was released as a purely a singleplayer one, and framed as an extended tutorial at that. Rab was less put out about…

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Feature: Roll. Move. Draw card. Combat. Roll. Win. Take trophy.

Cardboard Children: Talisman Prologue HD

Hello youse. Listen. I've escaped from the jaws of Apple. If an apple can have jaws, that is. My household went a bit Apple-mad for a while there. I had an iPhone, my girlfriend had an iPhone, we bought an iPad for the living room table. I mean, we didn't go INSANE or anything. It's not like we did anything totally stupid like buying a…

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