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Talisman Gets Multiplayer At Last, But Not Quite


If I had one complaint about last year’s PC adaptation of wonderfully unbalanced boardgame knees-up Talisman, it was a complaint I made at length and repeatedly, like a boring old man whingeing about the escalating price of Fisherman’s Friends. An inherently multiplayer game was released as a purely a singleplayer one, and framed as an extended tutorial at that. Rab was less put out about this than I, which I at least partially attribute to the fact he played it on mobile rather than PC, but also perhaps because he has more time and freedom to play boardgames in real life so wasn’t quite as desperate for a from-home replacement as I was. In any case, the good news is that the more full-fat Talisman Digital Edition has arrived on Steam Early Access.
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Cardboard Children: Talisman Prologue HD

Hello youse.

Listen. I’ve escaped from the jaws of Apple. If an apple can have jaws, that is. My household went a bit Apple-mad for a while there. I had an iPhone, my girlfriend had an iPhone, we bought an iPad for the living room table. I mean, we didn’t go INSANE or anything. It’s not like we did anything totally stupid like buying a Mac. But still, we were on board the Apple train like a couple of silly pips. That’s all changed, though. The iPhones are gone, because they were shite. We now never ever again have to use iTunes, a piece of software so hopelessly awful the timer programming on my microwave laughs at it.

But we still have the iPad. And it was on that iPad I played Talisman: Prologue. Why is this relevant to you? Why is this relevant to the Rock Paper Shotgun PC Master Race Gatekeepers Of Joy And Light? Well, it’s also a PC game. And Talisman: Prologue will be followed this summer by a game called Talisman: Digital Edition. And that’s coming to PC too, probably on Steam. And in this way we “do an introduction” to our “column”.
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