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Free Shadowgrounds With Tank Universal

Meridian 4 send word that folks who pre-order Tank Universal on Steam will receive Shadowgrounds free. Tank Universal is a splendid-looking Tron-like tank battle game, which Kieron had a good old blather about just here. Just as significantly for your opnion-forming technique, there is a demo here. The game is out on 21st August, so you'd better hurry if you're interested.

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Tank Universal: His Tronish Majesty’s Landships

Adam Britton dropped us a line, expressing surprise that we hadn't written anything about Tank Universal. After playing the demo, I can only agree. Those RPS guys are a bunch of slackers. Shun them! Anyway, with the disappointing news about Introversion being fucked around by a magazine, yet still honouring the deal which prevents me telling you about Multiwinia, I was clearly vulnerable for anything…

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