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A Tale Of Two Tardigrades

“I felt my dream was ripped away from me in front of the world,” indie developer Anas Abdin told me, when I asked him about the bizarre circumstances in which he’s found himself over the last couple of weeks. “I felt violated, stripped from my own game. Most of all, I felt that my fans and friends had so many questions regarding my authenticity.”

Imagine the situation. You’ve been working on your unreleased indie sci-fi adventure game for over three years, only to see a major new TV show launch using the same specific idea as its core space travel concept. That’s the peculiar situation in which independent developer Anas Abdin found himself in when he watched the first few episodes of CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery. He’s been making a game called Tardigrades, and now Discovery has come along, he’s really not sure what to do. Read the rest of this entry »