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A Mini (Warcraft) Adventure

Alec is so much better at this than me.

News broke last weekend that Upper Deck Entertainment would be making a licenced World of Warcraft miniatures game, imaginatively names “World of Warcraft Minis”. I meant to blog it at the time, but thinking about it got me thinking about the whole nature of these licenced games, who they’re for and so on. Mainly because there’s not much to say about it. The game seems to be a small party thing (rather than the army-sized Games Workshop Warhammer things), with pre-painted figures from international scultptors and paintjob-design from Ex-GW Mike McVey and the Studio McVey. Characters include “Warchief Thrall and fan-favorite Leeroy Jenkins”. The latter strikes me as perhaps pushing a running joke too far, but as devoted worshippers of Horace the Endless Bear, RPS are hardly in the position to judge at that. More news will surface before its release in Fall (Or “Autumn”).

But what it got me thinking – who actually buys this stuff?
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