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Steel Rats pits biker gangs against the robopocalypse

Steel Rats

Interesting post-apocalyptic bike combat/platforming game Steel Rats¬†was first announced in October of last year (accompanied by an oddly cut CGI trailer) – we’ve got the first official gameplay footage within, showing off just how much you can do on two wheels. A lot, I’d imagine, when one of them transforms into a buzzsaw capable of scything through concrete and metal alike.

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(Tinfoil) Helmets On: Urban Trial Freestyle Demo

Urban Trial Freestyle looks rather familiar, I have to say. Even the name is a bit spooky. Still, there’s scope for competition in any genre, I dare say, and Urban Trial Freestyle wants to let you try its motorbicycular challenges via a demo, which you can grab via the Steam page. That should give you a pretty good idea as to whether it’s a contender, or not.

Yeah. Anyway, I’m off to make a game called Freestyle Urban Trial. It’s a Phoenix Wright clone.
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