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Echomokation: Pulse Is About Blindness And Synesthesia

The way their gigantic little eyes well up when they hear a monster nearby is utterly heartbreaking. Also, if you feed one to a monster to create a distraction, it leaves behind a tiny rotund skeleton. In short, :(

I don’t think I’ve ever paid so much attention to stairs in a videogame.

Pulse‘s are the creakiest goddamn things, but that’s kind of the point. You’re blind, you see (see what I did there, etc), but you “see” via a synesthestic echolocation-like mixture of pre-blindness memories and sound. So a stair’s high-pitched whimper sends a blade of “sight” reverberating through the black. It suddenly becomes visible beneath your feet, if only for a moment. Meanwhile, churning gears provide more consistent sources of vision, and you can strike things like gongs to significantly widen your field of view. Oh, and also there are Mokos. The little squealbags are the absolute most adorable things, which naturally means they must die for your cause. Oof, right? That’s what you get for being blind. Seriously, though, Pulse is one of the more interesting things I’ve played in quite some time. Details and further impressions after the break.

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