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Ronin Rumble: Kyoto Wild Announced

Polycount be damned, make those hats round!

Keep your ruddy great pixels, mate. They may signify ‘retro’ but don’t mean nowt to me, as my interest always lay in early 3D worlds. Low-res textures and, even better, flat-shaded polygons are what jab and tug at my nostalgia glands. Kyoto Wild pleases me an awful lot, with the hard edges of 3D before we started gabbing about Gouraud shading being photorealistic, trees like something mangled with vertex manipulation in Worldcraft, and player models with obscenely high-poly hats that could easily appear in a Milkshape 3D viewport render posted to Planet Half-Life.

I’m also pleased because it’s a four-player murderfest with one-hit-kill weapons including a fan.

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