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TERA-forming: En Masse Entertainment

News of MMO-malarkies breaks. A subsidiary of Bluehole Studio, En Masse Entertainment has been formed. Their aim is basically to select MMOs and make them most suitable for bringing to the western audiences. Hyper-localization! Its staff are alumnis of Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft Corp., Electronic Arts Inc., ArenaNet and NCsoft, so they’ve certainly worked for some companies. RPS’ similar list would be “Its staff are alumni of that bar on campus, Walker’s Dad’s dentistry, some hop-farming and a big financial mag (which sacked him)”, so they certainly have us beat. Their first game will be – perhaps unsurprisingly – Bluehole’s TERA. We took the chance to talk to En Masse’ producer Brian Knox about what they’ll be up to, TERA and all things MMO…
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