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Freeware Garden: SanctuaryRPG

Describing SanctuaryRPG as a huge, hilarious and most honorable devourer of free time would be an understatement. Also, a rather vague statement too, as this freeware beauty also happens to be a proper, full-fledged text-based RPG with some terrific ASCII illustrations and outrageous bosses, that lets you fantasize about being anything from a burly barbarian or a pious paladin to a roaming ranger or a wicked…

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Twilight Heroes

We've brought your attention to many text adventures, but very few text role-playing games. And no, ascii RPGs don't count. Twilight Heroes is currently in beta, but very playable. In it, you roll a character who has recently become too fed up of the crime in his neighbourhood. You set out to become a vigilante crimefighter, silly costume and all. What follows is a surprisingly…

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