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Have You Played… Rambo The Video Game?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

If you’ve answered no to the question posed above, I recommend that you keep it that way. Rambo The Video Game [official site], you see, isn’t very good.

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Rambo: The Video Game Boasts Of Its QTEs

A game’s name can imply a lot. The name Rambo: The Video Game gives me some very clear first impressions. The most striking of all being it has nothing to say of its own. I’ve no idea if that’s fair at all – I’ve never played it. But The Straight Game Of The Film has yet to prove a good idea (with the colossal exception of Lego and GoldenEye), and the footage of this one isn’t promising an exception. The latest, incredibly clumsy trailer is below.

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