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Go Team! Part 6: The Engineer

Listen buddy, this is my home. You shouldn’t be in here. Have [CLANG] a [CLANG] little [CLANG] respect [CLANG]. I’m an Engineer. That means I’m not interested in you. I’m interested only in my work. If it so happens that my work is near something that’s important to you, that’s just dandy. Just don’t expect me to go where you ask, and definitely don’t think…

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Oh No Team! Part -4: The Idiot

So I finally get Team Fortress 2. (By "get", I of course mean, "did best at".) Clearly lots of people had left by this point. Let me be straight with you. While the FPS is right up there as a favourite genre, and while I play every single player FPS I can get my hands on, I've never really had any time for multiplayer. Clearly…

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Exciting Team Fortress 2 News

While most Brits staying up for the beta launch will have given up by now and gone to bed (I was finishing a review, honest), when it does finally go live tonight, it will be with all six maps. i.e. the whole game. That's a Rock, Paper, Shotgun world exclusive right there. For the next hour or so. When everyone's in bed, not reading.

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