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Wot I Think: That Dragon, Cancer

You want to meet That Dragon, Cancer [official site] more than half way. It’s a game made about Joel Green, a young boy who at twelve-months-old was diagnosed with cancer, and it was created by his parents to memorialise his life. The story – which tells of his treatment, his parent’s struggles with hope, despair and faith, and his eventual death aged five – is communicated through a series of vignettes. Each one is an explorable 3D environment containing audio taken from home videos, short poetry, and limited moments of interaction. To praise That Dragon, Cancer feels important: as an affirmation of the power of games to tell real, human stories; as an act of support towards his parents in recognition of the terrible ordeal they had to endure; as an acknowledgement that real life is far more important than videogames, anyway, lest you think I feel otherwise and dislike me.

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That Dragon, Cancer Released

After twelve-month-old Joel Green was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his parents started making a game to tell his story, and their story, and to immortalise him digitally. Joel died they were still making That Dragon, Cancer [official site], at age five, but you can now hear his story as the game’s out today.

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Unhappy New Year: That Dragon, Cancer Out January

That Dragon, Cancer [official site] is a biographical game, the documentary of a brief life translated into a series of “poetic, imaginative” interactive sequences. It tells the story of Joel Green, who was diagnosed with an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor aged 12 months and died age five. Doctors had expected Joel to live around four months after the diagnosis and the game explores the experiences of his parents (father Ryan is the programmer of the game, mother Amy is the writer) as he undergoes treatment and lives his too-short life.

After years in development and a Kickstarter campaign, the game is ready for launch and will be available January 12th on Windows and Mac.

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That Dragon, Cancer Now Kickstarting

Any time a limb of RPS has had the opportunity to play That Dragon, Cancer, they’ve turned it down. As beautiful and exciting as it looks, it also seems harrowing. One needs to be in a certain mood to play a game based on a family’s real-life story of raising their young son as he goes through terminal cancer. We’ve heard wonderful things about it but… it’s never been the right time.

While That Dragon, Cancer was once due to be an Ouya timed exclusive, now the non-puzzling adventure game’s headed to Windows and Mac simultaneously too. It’s looking for funding to finish up, though, so the developers have turned to Kickstarter.

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