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Zotac MEK1 review: A pint-sized GTX 1060 powerhouse

Zotac MEK1 header

Building your own PC can be pretty damn satisfying when you’re not paying through the nose for one of today’s best graphics cards and actually manage to get it all working when you first turn it on, but sometimes we just want someone else do the hard work for us – especially when that someone is graphics card extraordinaire Zotac and the PC in question is the delightfully diddy MEK1.

I say diddy – the MEK1 is still positively monstrous compared to Zotac’s other collection of miniature media PCs and tiddly little NUC units they’ve made over the years. But at just over 418mm tall, a svelte 118mm wide and a sleek 415mm deep, this mini-ITX build is arguably one of the neatest kinds of gaming PC you can get that stills fit on top of your desk without it looking completely ridiculous – and its 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and Intel Core i5 CPU aren’t bad either. Let’s take a look.

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Captain Intense & The Dude Revolutionise PC

I’m being rude. I’m sorry. It’s just that the sheer intensity and earnestness of this video holds me back from taking the Razer Switchblade entirely seriously. Which maybe I should do, as essentially it’s a 7″ clamshell PC with special adaptive and touchscreen controls that in theory make playing ‘our’ games possible on something so minute.
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