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Intel Level Up 2010 Game Demo Challenge

The Intel Troll (pictured) dropped us a line to announce their new Level Up competition, and it’s looking fairly shiny. There’s a couple of tiers to the competition, with pros/hobbyists and students judged separately. The lowdown is that the grand prize for professional/hobbyist level entries is an all-expense paid trip to the Tokyo Game Show. The prize for the student-level competition is a pass to GDC San Francisco 2011, as well as marketing support for their game from Intel and “a marketing firm”. There are also “Best Game For Desktop, Laptop, and Netbook” categories, each with their own $5000-plus-big-fat-PC prizes, and more for “judges choice” awards. Thousands of dollars worth of stuff, basically. So that’s probably worth looking into if you’re in the game-making business. Details on how to get in on it below.
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