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The Fifth To Twelfth (Board)Games Of Christmas


Okay, okay. There’s still the rest of today, so enough time for you to get out and pick up some more board games as great gifts. I’m going to roll the rest of my boardgames of Christmas into this post, to make it easier for all of you and easier for me. Is that cool? To hell with the 12 days. I’ve given you four updates, and this fifth will be a nice round-up of the rest, and then you can go buy them all and I’ll take a lie down. Before I do that, though, let me just speak on something important. Let’s get emotional. Don’t I always end up getting emotional?

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The Fourth (Board)Game Of Christmas

For the fourth game of Boardgamemas, my true love gave to me FOUR COUPING BIRDS.

So that’s us up to Four Couping Birds, Three Roman Gladiators, Two Traity Dopes and an X-Wing in a Pear Tree. This is getting very UNWIELDY and CONFUSING.

So what exactly are these Couping Birds? Well, it’s a little pocket rocket of a game called COUP. It’s a smash hit with everyone I’ve played with.

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The Third (Board)Game Of Christmas

Editor’s note: These are going to start appearing thick and fast this week.

On the third day of Boardgamemas, my true love gave to me THREE FRENCH HENS. Except they weren’t French. They were Roman. And they weren’t hens. They were gladiators. And there wasn’t three of them. There was only one. His name? SPARTACUS.

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The 12 (Board) Games Of Christmas: Day Two

NOTE: I know that some of you are thinking that this list is coming too late to help you with your Christmas shopping. Well, first of all – you’re done shopping already? That panics me. I haven’t started. And second of all – I’m trying to encourage you all to go out to your local indie board games shop. There’s still plenty of time for that. And thirdly – we all know that you’re probably only going to buy these for yourselves anyway, you dummies. With Christmas gift money. In the January sales. So yeah. Let’s go.

On the second day of Christmas, which I think normally happens after Christmas, but we’re doing it before – and maybe even having a couple of these days appearing on the same day – (oh dear, too many hyphens and brackets now) – where was I? Oh yes.

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The 12 (Board)Games Of Christmas: Day One

Ignoring the convention of Christmas’s 12 days, Rab Florence is bringing his twelve board game suggestions to you in time for them to appear in appropriate stockings. Here’s the first day:

Yes, on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an X-WING in a PEAR TREE. Okay, not a PEAR TREE but a BOX. A small box containing an X-WING and a couple of TIE Fighters. And some dice. And some templates. And some cards. And a lot of fucking awesome. (Sorry for the bad language, Santa!)

I’ve written about The X-Wing Miniatures Game before on RPS, and you can go take a look at it here, but this little update is to let you know that it’s STILL great, it STILL holds up and it’s probably only going to get better through 2013 as it gets expanded.

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The 12 (Board)Games Of Christmas: An Introduction

It’s Christmas! And over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be dropping into Rock Paper Shotgun on a regular basis to make my “12 (BOARD)GAMES OF CHRISTMAS” posts. This list will contain 12 board game gift recommendations, with a light review and some suggestions for the perfect people to give that gift to.

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