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The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part Three

[Part one, Part two.]

The third and most important part of the preview of 2013 has been arranged by our guest editor, Simon Tremendous. Famed for his pioneering and colourful work in compiling lists of things that are about to happen in the next twelve months, Tremendous has been lauded around the world as the next big thing in discussing what the Next Big Thing might be. When we asked Tremendous how he felt about the coming year in PC gaming, he told us to stop writing idle rubbish about imaginary columnists and get on with some proper fucking work for a change. That snooty bastard.

Screw him, anyway.
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The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part Two

2013 will no doubt be unlucky for some, but for PC gamers it will be a conveyor-belt of entertainment assortments, which we can pick and choose from with our long steel chopsticks of purchasing. In this part “two” of the list of the year, we get to see how games have blossomed as a form that is wide as it is long, and very, very loud. Hot damn.

Read on! This part of the list is arranged in reverse hyperbolic order.
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The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part One

Ooh, lovely.
2013 is to be considered a fine feast, one for which can already read an extensive menu. We’ll glimpse into the steamy kitchen and see the fleshy morsels that we’ll drag onto our plates, piping hot, and those that we’ll probably scrape aside, to be served reheated, late at night in an ill-advised sale purchase.

This is simply part one of our preview, with two more parts to follow in the coming days. Read on, and feel your glands become swollen with anticipation of the digestions to come. The games are in a mystery order, and there will be a prize for the first person who can guess what that order is.
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