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Got 99 Problems But The Bundle Ain’t One


Update: now with capsule thoughts on all the games in the bundle.

[Bites tongue to prevent another ‘too many bundles’ whinge] There is another bundle! But this is one entirely free if you wish it to be (you can lob the devs a donation if you want to show your appreciation), and it’s full of mad little stuff as opposed to big-ish indie games you’ve perhaps already heard of. The 99 Percent Bundle is arranged by the fine folk at Indievania, and contains 13 unknown freeware pleasures from assorted devs. Most of them have excellent names: – Super Bogus World, Lone Boss and Cub, Pixel Slaughter, Next Time I Won’t Trust The Man In The White Van…

A few comments on each of the 13 games here below – including a decision on which one is my favourite. And my least favourite too, to be honest.
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