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College Humour: The A.Typical RPG Is Out

I've had review code for real life-based indie roleplayer the A.Typical RPG for a couple of weeks now, but unfortunately my own real life has got in the way of playing it. That's something I shall rectify soon, but in the meantime allow me to at least alert you to its existence. This is a wry game of surviving exams, struggling to play sports, scrapping…

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Ordinary World: The A.Typical RPG

We sort-of posted about Pyordactyl's indie opus The A.Typical RPG during that whole Indie Supper-Singing Thing (which we should probably do again some time), but now it's actually an existent thing, with a demo and everything. Reminder to all indie games - make a demo. It really, really, really, really, really, really helps. Anyway, A.Typical is an RPG set in the real world, covering student…

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