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College Humour: The A.Typical RPG Is Out


I’ve had review code for real life-based indie roleplayer the A.Typical RPG for a couple of weeks now, but unfortunately my own real life has got in the way of playing it. That’s something I shall rectify soon, but in the meantime allow me to at least alert you to its existence. This is a wry game of surviving exams, struggling to play sports, scrapping with bullies and trying to get the girl: destinies and challenges we can all get behind. Since I last wrote about it, there’s been a new, larger version of the demo to nose at, which you can find here.

If you’re so taken with it, you can then spend the frankly Olympian (i.e. absurdly cheap) sum of £1.99/$2.99 on the full version here, or £2.99/$4.99 for the expanded, bonus-packed Extra Cheese With Lightning Bolts Edition. I like cheese and I like lightning bolts, but do I like the A.Typical RPG? I’ll let you know next week. Meantime, take a look at this hand-drawn odyssey of normality below.
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Ordinary World: The A.Typical RPG

We sort-of posted about Pyordactyl’s indie opus The A.Typical RPG during that whole Indie Supper-Singing Thing (which we should probably do again some time), but now it’s actually an existent thing, with a demo and everything. Reminder to all indie games – make a demo. It really, really, really, really, really, really helps.

Anyway, A.Typical is an RPG set in the real world, covering student longing, loathing and lodgings. Boss fights against college jocks, dialogue trees about revealing your true feelings for The Girl, levelling up your social abilities – that sort of thing. Scott Pilgrim by way of Kudos by way of D&D, if you will.

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