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The Games of Christmas ’11: Day 25 26

Happy post-Christmas, one and all! How was it? Did Aunt Agnes do that thing with her teeth at the dinner table again? And did you get Ninja Action Man or did mum cop out and get you Office Temp Action Man again?

Us, we’re not here right now. We’re hibernating and pruning our ear hair for another a week or so, preparing for the many word-based adventures of 2012. However, we have one final new missive for you in 2011: more games from the last year that we’ve loved. Yes, it’s true, we have room in our heart for more than 24 games. All of these deserve your affection and/or money as much as all the others we frothed about – we just didn’t froth about them quite as much. Your suggestions for our terrible, unforgivable oversights yet beyond these are, of course, welcome.
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The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 24

Listen out for Horace's growl tonight!

The final game of Chistmas had been chosen. It is the game you should play with your family before you are devoured by Horace The Endless Bear later today. Good luck everyone, we’ll see you at the other end.

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The Amazing RPS Advent Calendar 2011!

John drew this. All glory to the Walkerman.

It’s here again, again! The RPS advent calendar is almost entirely updated, bringing on Father Christmas’ birthday, and today, in a bit, we will reveal our Game Of The 2011! Amazing.

Here are the rules of the calendar:

1. The games are in no particular order, except number 24, which is our game of the year.

2. That means that number 5 and number 17 are on an equal footing as a game of the Christmas, do you see?

The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 23

It's Christmas Eve Eve!

I can already hear Horace’s giant claws tearing away at the fabric of reality, preparing for his grisly entry into our “Earth” on tomorrow’s tomorrow of Horacetide Day. Children will press their noses against the frosted panes, watching as he tears through the fragile frames of any too slow to avoid his infinite arrival. Ah, so lovely. But today there’s this:

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The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 22

Twenty two Christmases, all at once!

As the Advent door creaks open, a pungent smell pours out, causing eyes to water for miles around and entire species of flower to wither into extinction. Sorry about that. Something has clearly gone horribly wrong but we’ll just have to try and put it all back together again, step by step, and hope the reaction isn’t one of total disappointment.

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The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 21

Twenty-one Christmas!
Twenty one. It’s a good number. Three times seven. Less occult than 23, but more interesting than boring old 20. Right next to handsome 22. (They’re getting married.) It is the perfect number, therefore, to introduce our twenty first game of Christmas. Can you guess what it is?

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The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 20

The 20th day of Advent is of course traditionally marked by tying a t-shirt around your head and screaming in the face of a stranger’s baby. But ever flying in the face of society’s mores, RPS instead simply peels back a door on the festive calendar to reveal another game that’s made our 2011 lovely. By Great Yarmouth’s testes, what could today’s be?

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