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The Games of Christmas ’11: Day Five

Horace finds numbers under 50 billion so small as to not count.

If you were running a commercial website, the most important thing you could do would be to make sure you put the game name in a prominent position in the post, and of course in the title, to ensure the maximum presence on Google. What would be ridiculous would be an annual massive feature in which you hide the name of the games in question, even from the tags, in order to maintain an air of surprise. But then as Saint Cliff taught us, Christmas is about giving, not receiving. So what are you – who is getting it ALL wrong – receiving today?

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The Games of Christmas ’11: Day Four

It is, apparently, the season to be jolly. So which is the season to be deadpan? And the season to be sardonic? It seems like who ever is deciding on which season is which attitude really hasn’t thought through a fair system of use, or considered the roles they play in our society. I honestly think a poll for the use of seasons is the only fair way to decide.

Anyway, which game is day four? Which, indeed?
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The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day Two

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a bitter lesson in what love really means (or doesn’t). What could have made this iron man (cough) feel so low? I’ll send you a private message explaining everything, but don’t tell anyone, right?
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The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day One

What kind of game would be appropriate for the first day of Christmas on a gaming site dedicated to PC gaming? Something intelligent. Something with a modicum of resource management? Perhaps! But certainly something with a sense of history. Let’s peek behind the first door on our Amazing™ Advent Calendar and found out what the first of our favourite games of 2011 actually is…
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