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Rues De La Colère: The Asskickers Demo

(Is that right? Does that mean Streets of Rage? Or at least Streets of Anger, which was the only way I could force Google Translate to work. In either case, it’s not my fault, it’s Google’s. Blame Google. Blame them in the face. Then constantly link to RPS posts so we show up higher in search rankings or whatever, please. Man, SEO is just the most depressing thing ever). Distinctly (and knowingly) European side-scrolling man-thumper The Asskickers arrived a few weeks back, but lamentably lacked a demo. Devs Ago-Games have seen the light, and snuck out a 170MB trial for PC and/or Mac with which you can ascertain whether or not clobbering well-dressed Franco-Belgian rogues is to your tastes.

If it is, the full $9/£6 game’s now made its way to Gamersgate, Impulse and a couple of Mac-specific digital stores, as well as direct from the devs.

The Asskickers = Punching Frenchmen

Le Asskickers, surely?

The PC: home of shooting men, stabbing men and making men build things, but very rarely about punching men. The early-90s flood of side-scrolling man-thumpers pretty much passed the PC by, probably because we are too busy trying to find where we’d left our Monkey Island code wheels and desperately blowing dust off broken floppy disks in the hopeless hope they’d magically start working again. The Asskickers has, I must confess, a name that makes me wince (curse my terribly British language sensibilities), but I kinda like the high-res, hand-drawn and oh-so-very-French graphics.
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