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The Baron

A while back Emily Short posted a link on Play This Thing to adventure game, The Baron, created by Victor Gijsbers. I’ve always had a deep-set love for text adventures (I’m sure the term “interactive fiction” makes everyone feel very intelligent, but they’re text adventures, and that’s how it should be). I remember sitting with my dad at the age of 10, helping him playtest Level 9 adveture games like Ingrid’s Back!. It would seem like the beginning of the career that was to come, if I hadn’t spent my teenage years aiming to become a microbiologist. As it was, it was planting the seeds of reality in my brain for when that inevitably failed.

Recommended specs: 3.0GHz Dual Core, 4Gb RAM, 720Mb 3D card

I saw PTT’s link to The Baron, read that it was a game about moral choices rather than simple adventuring, and thought I’d check it out. I didn’t, however, read the rest of the entry – and I recommend you don’t either before playing. But then, at the same time, part of me wants to protect you and beg you not to play it at all.

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