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Hookshot Inc: Your New Games Journo Supergroup

Unlike another RPS rival that launched a while back, at least they didn't nick our design

Say a big, cheerful hello to Hookshot Inc, a new games journalism project from a UK journo supergroup. Will Porter (occasionally of this parish), world’s nicest man Christian Donlan (never of this parish, despite repeated requests to be so), the Guardian’s Keith Stuart and expert gaming curio-/story-finder Simon Parkin have ganged together to do what RPS has always hoped more of our peers would: found their own site, free from the agendas and interferences of any corporate overlords.

Hookshot Inc, which is unfortunately named after something from Zelda games but don’t hold that against it, aims to cover games that cost $15 or less, on any and all formats – phone, XBLA, those two-screened Nintendo thingies, PSN and, of course, PC. Wait a minute…

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