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Mutant Year Zero is looking great in its new trailer

mutant year zero

If you’ve not had time to sit down and watch the 30 minute Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden demo from March, you’re missing out on wise-cracking ducks and XCOM-like post-apocalyptic tactics. You’re busy, though. I understand. And there are so many games to look at. Good news, then: Mutant Year Zero’s first game footage trailer is out, clocking in at a brisk 1:26. Slap your eyes on it, below. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch half an hour of Mutant Year Zero’s manimal tactics

Mutant Year Zero

A duck, a pig and a human walk into a store. They buy several grenades and a top hat for the duck which gives him +10% to ranged damage. You were expecting a punchline?

We’ve covered a bit of tabletop RPG turned tactical hybrid  Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden before, but previously we only had a CGI teaser trailer and a few screenshots to go on. Now, The Bearded Ladies (again, amazing studio name) and publisher Funcom have released over half an hour of gameplay footage, giving us a better idea of what the post-apocalyptic world holds for us.

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