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The Christmas Leftovers 2014: Part Two

It’s time to mop up the very last parts of the overly obvious food metaphor for the year. As we struggle to swallow down those last few mouthfuls of this trite cliche, let’s move on a far more delicious pudding: the final part of our Bestest of the Restest games of 2014. You can read part one here. And once again, they’re in no particular order.

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The Christmas Leftovers 2014: Part One

Boxing Day is Britain’s traditional day for taking everything that constituted yesterday’s Christmas dinner, and placing it cold between two slices of bread. Slap on some redcurrent jelly, and eat it no matter how full you are. It’s just the law. And so it is for gaming goodness over 2014. Despite gorging on 24 of the Best Bestest Games over the last month, we’ve so many other games we’re now putting in sandwiches. Below you’ll find the first half, in no particular order, of the Bestest of the Restest from this year. You can read the second half here.

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