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Have You Played… The Club?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

I feel a bizarre affection for The Club. It was the first time RPS ever did one of its group chat/verdict pieces, and as such was also this site going “OK yes let’s be really, really serious about a b-list shooting game.” Only with jokes, obv.

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The RPS Verdict: The Club

Join Our Club.

We’ve been trying to work out a way to do something a little more like reviews on RPS for a while, without actually doing anything as boring as that. We’ve come up with this: The RPS Verdict. The idea is simple. We take a recently released game that most of us have played and just have a little chat about it. Those who haven’t played it act like an interested party, asking whatever questions come to mind. Then, at the end, we pose a single question to the panel: Would you buy it? Also, add jokes to season, as is our wont, and lob up here.

We thought we’d start this new tradition with the recently-released shooter, The Club.

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Join Our Club: The Club Demo Released

Sexy Psychopath

Martin Lee drops us a line to tell us that the demo for Bizarre Creations the shooter is out, and is “many Peggles” in size. In fact, as a blogging professional, I can reveal it’s actually 124 Peggles in size. In fact, it’s so big that the RPS-towers bandwidth pipe visibly vented its bowels when we even considered downloading the thing. Poor thing.

If you don’t know what makes this Shooter-as-redesigned-as-racing-game interesting, Jim talked a little about the Club earlier this week. Hurrah for Jim!

The Club, Out This Week

If your name's not down, you're getting minigunned to death.
The much-hyped shooter by racing game masters Bizarre Creations is out on Friday. It’s a gun game with a difference: the action is a little closer to fighting games or racing games than your traditional kill ’em up. The Club is where the hi-score table is what matters, and your ability to get flick headshots dominates everything else. It’s a little closer to the arcade cabinet rail shooter than your traditional third-person shooter, and it throws a bunch of different characters and challenges at you, like a fighting game, rather than any kind of story or campaign. These short gunfight are about getting a continuous stream of headshots, flick-shots, and combat-roll-to-headshots to pump up your score multiplier. The more consistently you kill, the higher you’ll rank on the score tables of The Club.

Past the jump: a developer video and the RPS opinion on The Club.
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