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And A Bunch Of Other Random Indie Bits

– Rob Hale, the chap behind Waves points me to this game, Sonar, which is about navigating around a maze using sound pulses. It’s a bit like a simplified Devil’s Tuning Fork.
– Digitanks has a a demo, a campaign update, and a Pay What You Want just here. The game is moderately entertaining.
Sketchbrawlers looks bonkers. Will probably look at this again soon.
Rebuild 2 is very similar to the original post-zombie apocalypse management game: time-consuming.
– The demo of exploration-heavy side-scroller Unepic can be found here.
Spiderweb have a big old sale of all their RPGs on.
– Oh, also, spectacular arena shooter Scoregasm (pictured above) is out now, too.

The Friday Indie Forecast

We’ve been inundated with news of forthcoming indie games over the past few months, and the trend looks set to continue. While we’ll always try to link to the best of them – and especially those which are released and have demos – I want to be a bit more systematic about previewing a few of the titles we see each week. I’ll be doing that every friday. This week we have Waves from Squid In A Box, Alien Zombie Megadeath from PomPom Games, and Vertex Dispenser from Michael Brough. Click below to take a look!

Also, if you are an indie developer and you want to send me news of your forthcoming unreleased game please do so here. Emailing in does not guarantee coverage, obviously… But it’s worth a shot, eh?

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