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Scandanavian Set-To: Sweden In Conflict

NEVER invade Sweden
I’d love RPS to have a news ticker that pulled headlines from silly game plots: Korea has invaded the United States – Pyschic Dead Pregnant Teenager Sets Off Nuke – Sk√•ne Invaded By Unknown Force, Sweden Deploys Mechs. What? You’ve never heard of that last game? You fools. You foolish fools of Fooltopia, wearing t-shirts that read “I is fool”, on the last week of Fulltember, during a fool moon. You’ve never heard of Sweden In Conflict? While I’ll admit this two-year old game has only just come into my life in the last hour or so, I think I’m in a position to mock you for missing it up until now. Sweden In Conflict is a free indie game with a love for destructible everything, and it is fun.
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