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Posts tagged “The Games Of Christmas 2009”

The Games Of Christmas: December 4th

Friday, and the end of our first week of door-opening. More of the best is yet to come, of course, including today's offering, which we count as one of the most fascinating accomplishments of 2009. But what could it be? Only a journey through the electronic portal of our incredible seasonal advent calendar will tell you. Follow the hand of the one true leader of…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 3rd

Three days of advent calendarism leave us feeling like it's time for a change of pace. Could that change lie behind the third door of our incredible seasonal advent calendar? All signs points point to yes, so ready your mouse, and prepare the click-drag selection-box of victory as we ride upon the hand of the one true leader of the Autobots, to discover…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 2nd

As surely as the snow falls on any day but Christmas day, so the second day in December plays host to the second game on our incredible seasonal advent calendar. It also plays host to a feeling that we've forgotten something. Presents? Decorations? Is it the nagging feeling engendered by too many years under the heel of heavy consumerism? We can't tell, so run, run!…

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