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Wot I Think: The Ice-Bound Concordance

Most of Carina Polar Research Station has been buried beneath the ice. It was inevitable, really. Over time, the heat and weight of the base caused it to sink slowly, and rather than digging it back up, the next teams simply built on top of it. It sits like a snowy layer cake, each sunken base becoming increasingly abandoned, aged, as you descend. And that’s what you do in The Ice-Bound Concordance [official site]: starting from the very top, you emerge from a blizzard and make your way down through the past to the very bottom of Carina Station, and the secret that it holds.

Except – hang on, that’s not quite right. That’s not right. Let me try that intro again.

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The Ice-Bound Concordance Is Part-Game, Part-Book

Interactive fiction has a time-honored tradition of turning boring ol’ books into video games (See: Hitchhiker’s Guide, Sorcery!, The Hobbit) but Ice-Bound Concordance [official site] might be the first I’m aware of to try and go the other direction and sell you one of those boring ol’ books.

Co-created by Aaron Reed, of Blue Lacuna fame (or fame within IF circles at least), Ice-Bound Concordance is one part video game and one part book, held together with a healthy dose of augmented reality glue.

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