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This Grand Theft Auto V Hulk Mod Looks Incredible

"We all have these reservoirs of anger: how do we deal with them? Deny them, so that they flare up? Or do we incorporate them into our being in an even fashion so that they are present and not prominent?" asked Joss Whedon, the director of Marvel's The Avengers, when explaining how they wrote The Incredible Hulk's personality in the 2012 film. The answer? Well,…

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Rossignol On PC Hulk: “Fucking Awesome!”

Scanning the latest PC press releases I noted that the Sega published Edge of Reality produced Hulk Game game, due for June, is actually coming to the PC. Upon being informed of this fact Jim Rossignol, PC Games Journalist and Hulk-Admirer, who was at that moment bringing me a cup of tea, exclaimed with no visible irony "Fucking Awesome!" He then left.We have no idea…

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