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Isometric Isolation: The Inflicted – A Battle For Sanity

I continue to believe it's just Old Man Jenkins in a monster costume - despite the fact that I definitely just found his eviscerated body in the next room.
It’s been an absolute joy to watch survival horror find new life (or un-life, I suppose) on PC. The games may be small, but the ideas that drive standouts like Lone Survivor and Amnesia lead to so many more shamefully high-pitched fear squeals than, er, evil Presidents. The Inflicted – A Battle For Sanity, then, takes that ball and flees in abject terror with it by designing an entire game around limitations. The whole production is done up in a simple isometric style that does an absolutely fantastic job of emphasizing how tightly enclosed your surroundings are. And while hallways are so claustrophobic as to sometimes felt like fingers slowly slithering their way around my neck, they’re visually minimal. As a result, I found myself focusing a lot more on sounds – jagged shards of shattered glass crinkling against the soles of my shoes, my character’s haggard breaths, a subtle background drone. I do, however, have a few bones to pick with this particular bone-chiller.

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