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The Problems We Had With Windows Gaming On Linux

RPS chum James Carey has been losing himself in the land of Linux, and looking at the highs and lows of using a gaming OS that is not Windows. You can read part one of his adventures with getting the operating set up and running just here. This latest article looks at some of the problems he encountered. James is a veteran gamer, but – like many of us – only a Linux dabbler.

Last time I encouraged you all to try Linux for gaming. I firmly believe we’re going to need it if the open and democratic PC gaming culture I grew up in is to exist in the future. But it’s not an easy transition to make. There are huge expectations to mountaineer over, and the terrain is riddled with deep command line crevasses to fall into. But if you have the right stuff, there’s quite a view. Come with me for a ramble.
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How Easy Is It To Play Windows Games On Linux?

For the next few weeks, RPS chum James Carey will investigate games on that other PC platform, Linux. He’s dabbled in Linux before, but is exploring this from the perspective of a veteran PC gamer trying gaming seriously on the platform for the first time.

With Windows 8 causing PC prophets to forecast doom in the lands of PC gaming, with its philosophy of freedom and rightness, and with Valve getting behind it, Linux, the open operating system, is clearly the future of PC gaming.* But is it still a total pain in the ass? Turns out it really isn’t… I know! I was surprised. Here’s what happened.

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