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Feature: Oh, you're running a fashion empire?

The Midnight Table: Kemet

It is midnight, and I am The Midnight Table. This week I bring to you a game called Kemet, a bloody game of conflict set in Ancient Egypt. It is a beautiful and bizarre work, a game that puzzled and intrigued our players. Before we dig into the meat of this fascinating piece, I hand you over to a charismatic stranger who sat at me…

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Feature: "the Dark Monk of the Shaded Glade"

The Midnight Table: Utterings

It is midnight.Take it from an old thing – people love new things. Yes, I am The Midnight Table, a piece of furniture so old and ancient some Rolling Stones lyrics were written upon me. Age brings many gifts – wisdom... Um... That's about it.What was I saying? Yes – I have learned that gamers love new things. But what about those games, well-loved, that…

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Feature: a tale of grotesque horror

The Midnight Table: Winter Tales

Welcome.It is midnight, and I am The Midnight Table. I would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts over the past week. Brother Gethsemane has told me of your comments, and I am pleased that you have decided to bow to me as your master. I am great and ancient, and you are so-so and a baby. Our relationship will be an interesting…

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Feature: Sentient furniture loves to travel

The Midnight Table: One

Welcome. I am The Midnight Table.Every Friday night, at midnight, UK time, I will make an appearance on Rock, Paper, Shotgun to recount a story of a game played upon me that week. I am a living, sentient table, carved from wood found in the forests around ancient Camelot, or so my mother tells me. My mother, incidentally, is a frustratingly racist coat rack.This week,…

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Feature: There are stars on it

The Midnight Table: A Forgotten Dream

THE MIDNIGHT TABLEI had a dream about a black, midnight table.The table was big, not too big, but big enough. Big enough for what? Big enough for everything. And it was black. It was speckled with little stars and felt warm and smooth to the touch. I was sitting alone at it, and I can remember looking at the empty chairs and smiling.I was waiting…

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