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Have You Played… The Next Penelope?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.My childhood was mostly spent playing games on the Amiga 500, which meant a steady diet of topdown racers like Micro Machines, Skidmarks, Overdrive and probably a dozen others. The Next Penelope [official site] is of that same lineage, but oozing with extra style:…

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The Next Penelope Harpoons, Teleports Onto Early Access

Two concepts that I never thought would come together: The Odyssey, as in the ancient Greek epic concerning Odysseus' voyage home after the Trojan War, and Micro Machines-style top down racing gameplay. Even now, having written the preceding sentence, all I can do is marvel that a human being not only made that connection but went ahead and based a game on it.Full credit to Aurelien Regard for…

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The Next Penelope Hands-On

Videogames are wandering across the Junk Fields, attempting to reach some exciting new destination. Then a videogame journalist appears, loading Videogames up with words and memories. "It's retro. It's old school. It's Micro Machines meets F-Zero crossed with Ulysses 31. It's all right here. Everything you've ever cared about is all right here."It's all junk! Let's not do that. Let's instead create a space in…

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