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eGames Announce Which Games Are Going To Rio

The competitive games being featured as part of the eGames competition over in Rio from 15-16 August has been announced. Remember the eGames? They were announced a little while ago as an esports tournament that would run alongside the Olympics in Rio but wouldn’t actually be part of the Olympics. So a kind of Olympics-ish-by-proximity affair which seemed to be experimenting with the idea of a tournament run on the basis of representing your country and gaining medals and national glory instead of, say, a multimillion dollar prize.

When the event was announced they hadn’t actually got the list of games to be featured but today’s announcement explains that it will be Hi-Rez’s gods-brawler Smite and then Super Smash Bros on Wii U. They’re also showcase matches so… it doesn’t really feel like they’re saying anything is at stake?

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Overwatch: All The Summer Games Skins (And All The Summer Games Loot Drama)

Overwatch Summer Games

Given all the kerfuffle over the Overwatch [official site] Summer Games skins I logged back in to check out the focus of the ire – the loot boxes. There’s some cool stuff in there and people are annoyed because there’s no sure-fire way to get what you want even if you have the time or inclination to earn loot boxes by leveling up or try to throw money at the problem.

I’ve made a gallery of all the skins that are part of this event so you can get an idea of what players are going after – you can scroll through the pictures by clicking the arrows on the side of the images or by hitting the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. BUT! read on for the explanation of said kerfuffle:

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Rainbow Six Siege Update Celebrates The Notolympics

The Summer Olympics are almost upon us, which means games are trying to sneakily hold Olympics events without drawing the wrath of the United States Olympic Committee. That lot are even unhappy about companies using the #Rio2016 hashtag if they aren’t official sponsors, you know. That’s the Olympic spirit!

Blizzard have sent Overwatch to Brazil, carefully skirting around infrigement in their unbranded sportswear, and Ubisoft have packed Rainbow Six Siege [official site] off to Brazil too. Now live is the shooter’s ‘Operation Skull Rain‘ update, bringing a map set in a favela, two Brazilian characters, anti-cheat tech, a ‘Tactical Realism’ mode, and more.

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Overwatch Goes Footballing In Summer Olympics Event

Overwatch [official site] isn’t the first game to imagine “What if, instead of cars, football was played by people?” but heck, let’s not scold Blizzard for unoriginality. To celebrate the Summer Olympics, or an unbranded equivalent, Blizzard have added a football-with-people mode to their FPS. I’m always happy to see more studios’ takes on football-with-people, and Overwatch’s six-player mode sees two teams of LĂșcios trying to score goals with his blastgun and new footballing moves. GoooooooalĂșcio! Also, the Overwatch gang can pick up new generic-brand summer games-themed sportswear.

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