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Happy St. Spectrum’s Day!

Aw, he doesn't look a day over 29.

As it is only appropriate for the entire internet to point out, the ZX Spectrum is 30th years old today. (If you don’t count the ZX81, which apparently we don’t.) And so it further seems only appropriate to write a nostalgic piece remembering that rubber-keyed lovely. Except, well, I was four. And my memories of being four are mostly about Mr Men books. I remember one being in our house, I remember the rubber keys, but honestly, after that, I’ve no way to know if I’m just invented memories based on my far more acute recollections of the 128K that came out four years later. (This is brilliant. I’m the oldest on RPS, and for once I get to feel too young.) So instead I’ve asked around. Asked old people.

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