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RPS Verdict: Half-Life 2 Episode Two

A New Day It’s imperative that you play another first-person shooter immediately after finishing Episode Two. Any – it doesn’t matter. Because you need to remind yourself, after the six or so hours, that games aren’t anywhere near this good. Games aren’t so precise, so damn perfectly laid out. Games don’t hide tutorial and training such that you never notice them. Games aren’t built with…

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RPS Verdict: Portal

Concept: A gun that shoots holes in the fabric of reality. Fire once to create an ‘in’ hole, and again to create an ‘out’ hole, enter one, and exit the other. Application: A puzzle game, obviously. Elaborate obstacle courses only traversed via this dimensional manipulation. Execution: Mellifluous. Hello? Can I Help You? The fairytale story of how Portal came into being has all but entered…

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